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Early Powder Horn with Wire "Repair" for Sale

Sold: $180

The concept of “disposable” did not really exist in early America, and frugality was a survival skill. There are numerous examples of damaged powder horns contemporaneously repaired with whatever materials that could be found, including metal, wire, rawhide and even whole squirrel skins.

This right-handed horn imagines some rough handling in its past. The medium-sized horn transitions smoothly from round to hexagonal, with a large ring at the spout. The horn spout plug appears to be a later replacement, handcarved and somewhat cruder than the horn. A 2.5” long ‘crack’ at the based has been repaired with copper wire. (Please note: The crack is simulated, and the horn is intact and watertight.)

The round base is hand-carved maple, secured with 6 wood pegs. There are two iron staples for strap attachment. The horn is patinaed and slightly scuffed. This is a great piece for reenactors.

The horn is 13.5” long overall, and 2.4” diameter at the base.

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