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Customer Feedback about Larry Gotkin

The kind words of satisfied clients and people who view my work say more than any advertisement ever could. Below are some of my favorite comments. click images to view the details

last update: 14/17/2024

Commissioned Map Horn

Received the knife and again I am just blown away by your craftmanship. Can’t thank you enough. Just beautiful work. I have very few possessions that will ever mean more to me than this TLOTM collection. Thank you again for using your amazing skill to turn a multi-decade passion of mine from movie screen to reality. So few words can express my heartfelt gratitude. Also thank you for sharing all the details below. Very fascinating and enlightening information about the movie props and seeing how you go about recreating the weapons. If I ever happen to be in your ‘neck of the woods’, I would consider it a great privilege to stop and see your shop and thank you in person someday. I’ve been somewhat close having visited Scottsdale a few times for work! Chris J.

Commissioned Map Horn

I just got home and opened the package containing the powder horn you did for me. I just want to say that it’s just what I wanted and you did an incredible job on it.Thank you so much for working with me on this I appreciate it very much and your work is first class. I think it turned out even better than I had hoped.
Don W.

	 Chingachgook's Warclub

The craftsmanship on my chingachgook war club is impeccable. The attention to detail and quality is bar-none; the photos truly don’t do it justice. Thank you Larry!
Bryan C.

Bison Powder Horn With Turtle Fetish

I received the bison horn today and am thrilled with it. Great job!
Dan C.

Forged Damascus Viking Seax Knife (Commissioned)

Larry, I received my Seax and it's incredible. The balance is perfect. The Damascus pattern is gorgeous. I'm in love with the knife and my son is as well. He thanks you as well. I greatly appreciate your hard work. Take care. Mike A.

Hawkeye's Knife (LOTM)

Larry, I just received the Hawkeye knife and sheath, and I’m in awe! I almost feel like I’m holding a piece of history, lol! Hawkeye’s own knife! I definitely will treasure it, and pass it down when it’s time. It’s just gorgeous, and pictures just can’t convey the heft and feel and texture, and worn but polished look that you’ve bee able to recreate so well. I absolutely love it – thanks!!  Randy K.

Magua's Bear Knife (LOTM)

Hi Larry – I just wanted to say that I received the Magua LOTM knife in perfect shape, and love it!!  That carved bear handle is awesome, and the sheath – wow!!  Definitely the most unique knife in my collection now, and I’ll give it a good home in the Colorado Rockies, and pass it on to my grandson when it’s time…

Hey, I was wondering if you’ve ever done a Tom Selleck “Quigley Down Under” knife, with the beaded sheath?  Thanks!!  Randy K.

Knife Set (Quigley Down Under)

I received the Quigley knife set in perfect shape – thanks!!!  I really love it – you did an awesome job on it!!!  Again, I almost feel like I’m holding a piece of history – Matthew Quigley’s own personal knives!  And that sheath is just amazing!! I feel very lucky to have it. I haven’t had a chance to show it off to anyone yet, but I will. 

Thanks again Larry, and I will treasure all the knives I purchased from you. You’re a true artist, in the best sense.  Best Regards, Randy K.

Hawkeye's Knife (LOTM)
Hawkeye's Knife (LOTM)

Just wanted to let you know I have received the Hawkeye knife.  All I can say is wow!  Very cool and great craftsmanship. What an excellent knife! Thank you too for all the pictures and updates through out the process.

All the best -Dave M. 


I purchased a tomahawk from you back in 2009. I just wanted you to know that I have enjoyed looking at it every day since I received it. It is not only a work of art, it has become one of my most treasured possessions and both of my sons have asked me to leave it to them. I just wanted you to know that your work is respected and admired and that you should be extremely proud of your craftsmanship and how much it is valued by its owner. Wishing you many more years of success.

Marc M

Powderhorns And More-Artist of the Month
Powderhorns And More-Artist of the Month
Ebony Swagger Stick
Ebony Swagger Stick

Thank you for your fine work! I received the swagger stick a few minutes ago and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with what you did for me. Your name and address will be given to all who see it in a place of honor in my memorabilia room! Thank you once again.

Chingachgook's Warclub

It arrived safe and sound.

You did an amazing job with it, I have a friend who has one of the Hero Clubs used in the film and yours is a close match especially the aging you did on this.

So happy and proud to have this in my collection as I have been watching your site for years now.

Once again many many thanks, you are an amazing artist with expertise in so many different mediums.

Forged Presentation Scalloped Pipe Tomahawk, Sheep's-Foot Tomahawk

I would like to thank you for your service to your trade. The last three Hawks I've received from you are absolutely beautiful works of art. I have had so many compliments from other smiths and collectors. Many thanks and looking forward to the commissioned piece to come you way. Jimmy H.

Apache War Club (Commissioned)

Wow! What a fantastic, beautifully made museum quality piece! I am truly in awe of your craftsmanship and attention to detail.  I sure hope you are receiving proper recognition for your impressive work. Thanks again, I'm going back to your web site to admire your other work. Yours in amazed satisfaction — John

Presentation Tomahawk, Ringed Powderhorn, Possibles Bag Salt Horn

I received them a bit ago. Great looking. The hawk is better in person than the photos. — Peter (5/18/16)

Presentation French and Indian Powderhorn
Presentation French and Indian Powderhorn

The F & I horn and powder measures arrived today. They exceeded my expectations, especially the horn. I was having difficulty trying to figure out from the photos the stippled decorations in the middle. now I see how they were done and the overall horn is fantastic. Will be my number one horn now. — Peter (5/9/16)

Fiddler's Rum Horn (Commissioned)
Fiddler's Rum Horn (Commissioned)

Larry, [The Scrimshawed Fiddler's Rum Horn] looks really great!!! Thank you for your creativity and professionalism. It will make a great addition to my historic music presentations at state and federal parks and at historic sites. Thanks for all your hard work. — Sincerely, Chip B, Norris, Tennessee

Scalloped Blade Poll Tomahawk
Scalloped Blade Poll Tomahawk

Larry, I received the tomahawk in the mail today. Thank you. It's beautiful. I will definitely keep watching your website for anything new that you may have for sale. Thanks again. — Scott

A Website Visitor

I just looked at Larry’s website. What beautiful work and such a user friendly website also! — Sandi P.

Tinder Horn (Commissioned)
Tinder Horn (Commissioned)

The tinder horn came today, and it's great! Thank you so much for doing such a great job on it. I'm going to post pictures of it on Muzzleloader Magazine's forum (Muzzleloader Campfire Forum). I know it will receive raves. Thank you again for getting it to me so quickly. Best regards, Michael

Bronze Age Knife (Commissioned)

Larry, you may remember that you made me a great handle for my 5,000 year old copper “leaf” blade several years ago. It still looks great! The items you just sent are outstanding. I especially like the dagger designs and the corn tanto. Clearly I now have something to start saving my retirement dollars for! Before receiving this reminder of the artfulness of your creations, I was looking at something like the Paragon Asheville Steel Tommy Lee Dagger Boot Knife (Cocobolo), but I admit it looks so “mass produced” now... compared to your work!

Magua's Tomahawk (Last of the Mohicans - Commissioned)
Magua's Tomahawk-Commissioned

The hawk arrived today and you cannot imagine the excitement it created among the employees here at my office. For years they have been looking at the portrait of Magua and we have had many discussions surrounding it.  I am as proud as a new father. Needless to say, I am very pleased with your artistry and precision.

If I have any opportunity to send someone to you seeking a fine edge weapon, it would be my pleasure to do so. 

Eagle Ball War Club (Commissioned)
Eagle Ball War Club (Commissioned)

Larry, it got here today in one piece and in all its glory! Very happy with it and I'm sure my friends will be impressed too. I will send some pictures down to the chief of the Swedish Indian Society.

I will display it next to a Robert Griffing canvas print I have, where one of the warriors has a ball club in his hand. Thanks for a great artwork Larry!

Forged Presentation Pipe Tomahawk
Forged Presentation Pipe Tomahawk

Just to let you know that my order arrived and it is so beautifully made. My husband will be surprised with his gift and will appreciate the workmanship. Thank you.

Berks County Powder Horn
Berks County Powderhorn

I just received the horn in the mail. Everything arrived in good order. The horn looks just like many originals I have seen while living in Berks County, PA (the fancier ones at least). This will make a great addition to the Reading, Berks rifle. Thank you again.

Ciboleros Hunting Set (Commissioned)
Ciboleros Hunting Set (Commissioned)

Received the final parts of the Ciboleros knife set and as usual I am very pleased with your excellent work. Maybe I can think of something else for you to do if you are interested. Thanks again.

Horned Tomahawk (Horned Hawk)
Horned Tomahawk (Horned Hawk)

Award WinningThe hawk arrived safely and is a great looking piece of art. Thank you. I am looking forward to my next purchase with you.

Apache Flop-Headed War Club (Commissioned)
Apache Flop-Headed War Club (Commissioned)

Just wanted to let you know that the club arrived safely and I am very pleased with it and I want to thank you for your good work and your willingness to work with me. I suppose that most of your customers want what ever you make to be highly finished and look like a fine museum piece. I want something that looks real and like it was used by real people in the real world. Again thanks for everything you've done and the pumpkins are going to get it now!

4/20/12 update: This client commissioned a second, smaller version of the same war club and is discussing having Larry make a buffalo skinner’s set, two knives, and a steel carried in a single sheath, based on some Mexican knives he has seen.

The same client commissioned Larry to create an Apache Knife.

Hawken 2-Banded Powder Horn Set (Commissioned)
Hawken 2-Banded Horn Set (Commissioned)

Just got into town after being away for a while. Opened the box and was completely in awe of the horn! What beautiful workmanship is exhibited in this piece. You are an artist! Thanks so very much.

From a Fellow Tomahawk Maker

This morning I was looking at the hawk makers on the RE Davis web site (where I am listed also) to see where I need to improve. I came across one of your hawks and clicked on your web site.

I could not believe how gifted and talented you are as an artist and creator of so many different subjects. Your creativity/originality and attention to detail are amazing. I have much room for improvement in so many areas.

Dan Winkler's work is and has been since 1996 an inspiration to me. Now your name and work have been added to the list as one the "best of the best."

I hope your business is hanging in there with this difficult economy.

Primer Horn and Matching Commissioned Powder Horn


Just received the horn, AWESOME!!!! The pictures you sent as it was being made don't compare to the finished product. I want to thank you so much, the primer and powder horn go together like a glove. Thanks again.

Chingachgook's War Club (Commissioned)

I received the club. It is absolutely perfect. Thank you very much!! Best!

Magua's Knife - Last of the Mohicans
Magua's Knife - Last of the Mohicans

I recieved the Magua Knife and it's awesome! It goes perfectly with the hawk. As you suggested, I'm using mineral oil for the blade... is there something I should put on the wooden handles to preserve them? Thanks so much for the knife and I'm looking forward to my next hawk or knife from you! Mineral oil works on the wood too. — Larry

Primer Horn - Matched Powderhorn Set

Just received the horn, AWESOME!!!! The pictures you sent as it was being made don't compare to the finished product. I want to thank you so much, the primer and powder horn go together like a glove. Thanks again.

Magua's Tomahawk-Last of the Mohicans (Commissioned)

I just received the Magua Tomahawk and it's absolutely beautiful! Once again, thanks for creating this hawk for me and please thank the blade smith for an awesome job as well. 

Long Forged Puukko Knife
Long Forged Puukko Knife

Got it today. Incredible knife! I saw a cribbage board on your web site that I may want to purchase. Can you sell it with a set of extra pegs (they always seem to get lost over time)? Let me know. Thanks. 

Silver Pendants

Wanted to thank you Larry. I got the pendants and couldn't be happier :-D Thank you soooooooo much - these mean the world to me :-) I'll keep you in mind for any others I do.

Japanese Style Powder Horn
Japanese Style Powderhorn

Larry, It's obvious why The Gun Works wants your creations. I've not seen better. Please reserve the Japanese horn.

Grip, Furnishings and Saya for Owner's Tanto Blade (Commissioned Tanto)
Grip, Furnishings and Saya for Owner's Tanto Blade - Commissioned Tanto

Mr. Gotkin, I just saw the photos of the finished Tanto. I am a former 82nd Airborne Recon Scout who served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm as part of 3rd Task Force 505th. I have never owned a custom knife like this. This is a proper soldier's knife and it is truly awesome! Thank you so much for such a beautiful work of art!!

Mr. Gotkin, I got the Tanto Friday afternoon. It got here safe and sound and is an awesome piece of work. The handle fits my hand perfectly and it has good weight. I reblasted the blade again to make it fresh then gave it a new coat of oil. Don't worry, I taped and wrapped the knife so nothing was touched except the blade. Everyone at my job was stunned by its beauty. Thank you so much for building an awesome Tanto.

Larry, The horn looks great; it's just what I wanted and personalized to boot. Can't wait to get it; I'm reworking my new .36 cal gun and this is the horn I'll be using. Thanks so much for your work and the quick turnaround. Do you have any business cards or info sheets with your email and address info in case I or someone else wants you to make another horn? Thanks again, it's a great looking horn and one I had a small part in owning.

Rum Powder Horn & Shakers (Commissioned)
Rum Powderhorn & Shakers (Commissioned)

I received the salt and pepper horns today and I am very pleased with the finished product. Thank you for working with me from the idea to the completion of the thoughts, changes and a set of horns that anyone would be proud to own. I will put them to use at many events and will let everyone know who the maker was, hopefully, creating more projects for you. Thank you again and until another project comes to mind, be safe. 

Wolf and Bear Tomahawk Set (Commissioned)
Wolf and Bear Tomahawk Set (Commissioned)

Hey Larry, they showed up today. They look amazing! Thank you very much for the excellent work, and for the pics of the progress. I intend to give my bud his hawk with the photos of its "birth". Thanks again Larry, I will def drop your name when people comment about it! 

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